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I uploaded a new setup file.

In the old program you had to use sentry.mousex to get the mouse variables and sentry.trackx to get the automated tracking variables. This is still the same, but if mouse is chosen as the detector, trackx now equals mousex, this allows you to easily to switch between mouse control and automated control for sentry type applications.


We have decided to remake the main GUI in Qt.

For the unenlightened, Qt is a GUI framework owned by Nokia, which is free to use under the LGPL.

It works on Mac OSX, Windows, and most flavors of Linux.

So far, I have made a little app that views the first webcam with OpenCV and displays it in a Qt form.

More to come soon,


Added a folder called scripts in the sourceforge downloads page. This contains some of the scripts shown on youtube. The scripts were developed fairly quickly but will at least provide a starting point:)

The setup file is now online. Feel free to download it and have a try at the software. It includes a quick install guide.

The software is still in early development so please let us know of any bugs.

We are currently moving the software to Qt, making it multiplatform and hopefully increase performance. Also in process is cleaning up the code, and adding new features such as barcode scanning.

This software is being developed in parallel with studies, but we will try work on this whenever time is permitted.