Open Vision Control was initially created as a tracking solution for various university projects, as well as the desire for an automated turret/sentry gun. Rather than just having one solution, for example , tracking people and outputting to some controller, it was decided , to make a general tracking software with various features, allowing for various automation and control projects. The problem however was that for different control solutions, you would need different control code, making it difficult to add all these variations in the code. It was then decided to embed python into the software. This allows the software to function simply as a type of sensor. Python scripts can then easily be written and loaded into the software, to function as the control code. This allows for the ability to write trade and share a multitude of scripts for different applications. The software and code is made opensource to give people a chance to improve the current code. The software was written using the Opencv computer vision library , and windows forms for GUI creation. It allows tracking motion, foreground objects, color objects, people recognition, distance calculation, and features such as tracking the fastest, slowest, biggest , smallest or a specific object. To make the software more robust it includes Gaussian filtering, filtering objects based on their size and setting regions of interest. Some script examples that we have tried include; tracking an object and controlling three servos for automating a turret type application, monitoring an area and notifying the user by email if motion was detected, controlling the mouse cursor or games by hand movements, tracking microspheres using a microscope and plotting trajectories, and many more. We would like to, sometime in the future, make the software multiplatform by using Qt rather than windows forms for GUI creation, improve performance, and add various new features such as barcode scanning , face tracking and so forth. Please email us if you would like to help out, as we always appreciate an extra hand.

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